Who are we?

We have been designing and supplying one of the largest and unique selections of fake fur garments for retail for over 15 years. We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest quality materials and ladies fashion items from all over the world. At highly competitive prices, our garments are top quality, and made to last and feel luxurious. All items are finished to a high standard and will guarantee to be a good long term investment. Our garments are sold at a very low price up to 50% off RRP as the ones shown are only available in certain sizes we hold in stock. If you require sizes other than those specified, please contact us and through our “Bespoke”dept. We will be able to help you, by making your chosen size, fabric and style.

What is Fake Fur?

Fake fur, also called faux fur, is known as pile fabric, which is engineered to have the appearance and warmth of animal fur. However, its increasing popularity has been credited to its promotion by animal rights and animal welfare organizations which claim that it is an animal-friendly alternative to traditional fur clothing.

fake fur fahion